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Mendoza, Argentina

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Monday, September 9, 2013

"[A] time of rapid growth for me and I hope to be of great help"

Man... I just took out my camera to see if I had pictures to send home this week and realized that I did the thinking in spanish... I don´t know if I always think in spanish or not but I just realized it in that moment. Also, sometimes people have shirts or there are signs that have english and I don´t even realize it is in english.. everything just registers the same to me now. And when we sing hymns in the morning it takes me about 10 seconds to figure out which hymnal is in english and which is spanish. My english is a mess... 
Anyways, on to the news of the week!! We got transfers this week and I am super excited! 
I will be heading up to Godoy Cruz which is right next to the city of Mendoza. I will be near the mission offices and in a very populated area. My area will cover part of the city and some villas (villas are areas of people of more humble means and all the houses are small and close together). I will be opening this area as it was closed from the lack of missionaries we have had in the mission. On top of that... I will be training a new missionary!! I don´t have any idea who it will be or where he will be from so I will update you on the next monday. 
I feel very excited right now to have the opportunity to train a new missionary after just finishing my training one transfer ago... it´ll be a time of rapid growth for me and I hope to be of great help to my hijo (means son, what we call the missionaries we train in this mission). On top of that.. the responsibility of opening a new area seems pretty daunting but I know the Lord will help me do what He wants me to do. 
From vineyards and a small town to the big city. A country boy in the concrete jungle... it´ll be interesting. 
This saturday there will be two baptisms here in Tup-town that I will miss since I am leaving on Wednesday. However, I am very excited for this couple and they are already very happy with the blessings they are seeing from living in accordance with the gospel. They will be getting married on Friday and getting baptized on Saturday. They say that their relationship has bettered tremendously and they are truly happy together now. The husband has also quit smoking.. he went from 40+ cigarattes every day down to zero! 
Last night I said goodbye to the woman who got baptized a few weeks ago and her family. They have been very faithful with coming to church and participating in the classes. They are very exciting about sharing what has brought them such great joy. It was great seeing her in church today helping the investigators that we had there feel welcomed and comfortable. On top of that... they are preparing to go to the temple in a year to be sealed together for time and all eternity. Just the thought of that makes me stir with happiness inside. 
It is truly a blessing to be a part of this work today. Thank you for your prayers that help keep me going every day. 
- Elder Rainock

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