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Thursday, June 7, 2012

"It is beautiful here and I love it"

written June 6th

I arrived in the Denver Colorado South mission early Saturday morning for my reassignment. It is beautiful here and I love it so far. I am in a very nice area called Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The people are great and make me feel like I am at home. I am not in a Spanish speaking area but I still have an hour of language study each morning so I'm going to need to take good advantage of that time.
Elder Morley and I left for the Denver South mission early on Saturday morning while Elders Marsh, Hurley, and Hone got reassigned to the Colorado Springs mission. Elder Morley and I both had opportunities to share the Gospel on the plane and it was good experience.
My trainer is Elder Peck and he has taught me a ton so far. He is very friendly to everyone and has been blessed as a very good peoples' person. His teaching abilities are excellent and he is a very good communicator. I am learning from one of the best.
My first day in the field they had a baptism set up so I got to be there for that. Her name is Lori and she is a super happy all the time. Apparently she has come a long way and it was great to see her be baptized into the church.
Sunday was nice and I met a ton of fantastic members at church. We serve over two different wards - the Roxborough ward and Highlands Ranch ward. We had dinner at a members house and they told us some crazy mountain lion stories that occurred right in their back yard. We also saw a deer just chilling in the garden of one of the houses nearby so I got a quick picture of it.
This morning we studied and played some basketball since it is P-day. I'm excited to get back to work tonight though. I haven't gone a day yet without meeting some interesting people.. some very interesting people, haha. But that is what keeps things..well.. interesting.
I am having a great time here. This mission is fantastic and I'm glad to be here. I am praying for all of you and thank you all for your prayers. 
 Pointing to my two mission areas

Sunrise when I was leaving Provo

Me, Elder Peck, Elder Castillo (the one who helped Elder Peck prepare her for baptism) and Lori.

A deer just chilling in the garden by a house. 

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