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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Carrying me to new heights"

Written May 27

Lots of missionary work is going down over here and we have two families that are progressing smoothly. One of the families is a family of influence around here so it`s a pretty big deal for us.

This mission has 5 curses:
1. falling into the acequia (drainage system that runs along the road and is always filthy)
2. getting bit by a dog
3. getting dropped on by birds
4. getting kissed or kissed at by women
5. not making it to the bathroom on time

If you are wondering.... I have fallen victim to one of these curses since being here. It wasn`t that bad but I`m sure there are plenty in store for me. Elder Egbert had some poor luck with the curses this week... dang. 

I started doing lots of door contacts this week and I`m getting a lot better at it each time. My language is progressing so quickly... I can`t even believe how far I`ve come since being here. 

The kids here either wear a dress shirt and tie to school or lab coats; it`s pretty funny. It looks like a bunch of little Argentenian scientists walking around. They always come up to us and show off their english skills... 

I bought a watch from one of three black guys in all of Valle de Uco. The other two black guys are his brothers.. haha.

We had interviews with President Ávila this week and mine was short but sweet. There is only so much we can communicate at this point in time. He is such an inspired man!

Saturday was my first Argentenian holiday! It was their independence day. Our branch had an activity which was a huge success! Lot of members, inactive and less active members, and investigators were there. We went and ate choripán (bread with chorizo in the middle) fresh off the grill and it was soooo good! Then we went back to work and had a huge night. 

I`ve been reading the Christlike Attributes section in the Preach My Gospel book and taking the assesment at the end to see which attribute I need the most help with. I can feel the Lord blessing me and carrying me to new heights as I strive to become more like Him. You all should try it too because becoming like Christ is a lifelong pursuit. 

Here is the link to the Christlike Attributes section:

And the Assessment:

One thing I've learned about missionary work is that pushing through the hard times and working when it isn't easy always brings blessings. 

Things are going great here and I`m pushing through the hard times (which are few and far between) with the Grace of God. 

Elder Rainock

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