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Monday, June 3, 2013

"Working too hard to stress"

This will be a shorter entry this week because I have very little time
to write. The internet cafes here are very slow especially when a ton
of kids are here playing games on the internet. Around 11 am this
morning we tried for over an hour to access the email without success
so I´m back now with very little time to write.

I performed my first baptism on Saturday for a girl named Ithay. She
is a Bolivian girl that the hermanas (female missionaries) were
teaching in another branch here in Tupungato. She met me the day
before her baptism and asked me to be the one to baptize her; it was a
nice experience. Her full name was very difficult to say but I got
through it (butchering it I´m sure). Our branch had a baptism as well.
It was a son of one of the members. He has been waiting for some time
now to get permission from some family members to do the baptism. It
was a very special experience for him and for the branch.

This week I went up to the city (Mendoza) to get some visa stuff done
and all of that went smoothly. I didn´t realize how modern it was in
the city until returning there from Tupungato. It´s kind of funny here
when it comes to cars - there are lots of what we would call (in the
states) "classics"... but here they are just old cars that they´ve
kept running.

This week I accidently placed my hand on an open electrical socket in
our pensiĆ³n and got electrocuted. I didn´t turn into a superhero or
anything so nothing good really came of it other than it woke me up a
little bit. Just so you know, they run twice as much voltage through
the wires here than they do in the states.

Church yesterday was so amazing.. I can´t even begin to describe how
good it was to see the ward progressing. The church is so young here
but it was looking a lot more mature in the Tupungato branch
yesterday. We had almost 60 people there when we normally only have
30-40! We had some investigators, some baby blessings, a confirmation,
3 newly ordained priesthood holders fulfilling their duties, and the
testimonies were strong. It was very motivating!

I will be sure to write more next week but everything is going well
here. I´ll be hitting my month mark this week so that´s pretty cool.
Time has seriously gone by so fast for me. I feel like last p-day was
just two days ago! My spanish is so much better than when I got here.
I can walk out of almost every conversation knowing exactly what was
said but my speaking ability still has lots of work but I´ll get there
:) No stress here.. Elder Egbert and I are working too hard to stress.
Love you guys!

- Elder Rainock

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