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Sunday, December 28, 2014

no matter what conditions someone is in that they can pray

(written Dec 13th)

These last two weeks we have been doing lots of traveling for the zone conferences and have actually been able to work a lot in our area. I'm am completely wiped out right now. I'm hoping to get in a little power nap before P-day ends after writing this.

Last sunday we had a great lesson with a man that we met a few weeks back. We met him while we were doing service for some members and he was kind of apprehensive about talking to us. However, we managed to gain some of his trust and over the last two weeks his mentality towards has completely changed. This week we were actually able to set a baptismal date with him after a powerful lesson on the Gospel (faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) and how if applied in his life he could be changed and become clean. At the end of the lesson he mentioned how he was planning on moving to Buenos Aires in a few weeks because he needed a change in his life. He told us that this was the change he thinks he was actually looking for... it was a great experience. Teaching him how to pray was a pretty fun experience as well.

At the end of the lesson he asked us to say a prayer because he felt as if he wasn't worthy. We assured him that no matter what conditions someone is in that they can pray. He insisted that we do it but he kept mentioning that, even though he didn't want to pray, he wanted to "say a few words" in the prayer. So Elder Garcia said the prayer and finished it. Then we said, "Alright, you can say your words now. Just start by addressing Heavenly Father because you are talking to him and end in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." Without knowing it at the moment he gave one of the most heartfelt prayers I had ever heard. When he finished we told him that what he had just done was not only a prayer, but a very sincere one. He was really happy to have done it and he has been wanting to say the prayers in the lessons ever since. It was a fun and moving experience. I really love the people here in Argentina. I am going to miss moments likes this.

I also have some cool news. If you can think about 8 months back there was a young man that got baptized on my last day before coming here to the offices.. the young man was studying to be a lawyer. Well, every now and then President Goates needs young men from the local wards to fill in unexpected vacancies in the mission to prevent closing an area. This young man has been doing really well, has a calling as the ward librarian, will be receiving the Melchizedek priesthood tomorrow, and will be with our mission for the next 6 weeks as a 'mini missionary' as they are called. He is very excited as he is preparing to serve a full-time mission within the next year. 

The Lord has really been blessing me with opportunities to see some fruit of my labors recently. For me, it's a true showing of his love. He knows more than anyone that I would have been happy with my mission even if I didn't get to see any direct fruits but the fact that he is allowing me to see some before even leaving fills me with gratitude. 

Hope everyone is doing well back home! 


Elder Rainock

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