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Sunday, December 28, 2014

"I would describe the day as merry."

(written Sept 27th)

It was a busy but very exciting transfer week. We were expecting a group of 30 but were notified about week ago that we'd only be receiving 20 as many will be waiting for visa papers to go through. It made the transfer it little less stressful but it means that they will be trickling in throughout the next few transfers.

Transfer day is one of my favorite days. Many have mixed emotions as they are sad to leave but happy to go see their families. Then in the afternoon it is pure joy as we receive a new group of missionaries that is anxious and excited. For me, I would describe the day as merry. Usually I would only use that word in reference to Christmas but transfer day kind of is like Christmas. I feel gratitude for the missionaries that I had the opportunity to meet and share this time with. I'm joyous for them as they are able to return home at peace for serving faithfully. I feel anxious as I await the moment that we get to greet the new missionaries. I take pleasure in trying to help them feel comfortable in a new and maybe intimidating environment. And I take pride in telling them about the best mission in the world... Mendoza, Argentina! ;) It is a good day all around.

Elder Garcia and I have also found time to work a bit in our area this week which has been very relieving. One because I feel like it takes away a lot of my stress. And two because being in the offices so much often makes me feel like I'm not fulfilling all of my duties as a missionary. When I get out and talk to the people it is like a burden is lifted off of me and I can go to bed at night feeling complete. I also have a really good time talking to the people now because I feel like I can finally communicate to the point where I can be myself. It feels more natural to me. I really hope to be able to get out to an area next transfer so I can spend all my time in the field. But for now I am going to love my current assignment and try to diligently serve. I'll be here for at least another 6 weeks. 

I feel really good about the direction that the mission is heading in. We are striving to truly build the Kingdom by forming a strong base. A base that the future members and missionaries can build and thrive on. A base that can take on new members and help them be faithful in the covenants they make. I know that this is the Lord's Kingdom on the earth and my desire is that I can do my part in helping it grow to be worthy of Him when He comes again. 

My love and prayers for all,

Elder Rainock

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