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Saturday, September 27, 2014

"It's crazy to see the difference the Gospel has made on them"

(written Sept 20)

This week we have been getting ready for transfers that will be happening this coming week. We were supposed to be receiving a group of 30 but it´s gone down to 20 since some missionaries will be waiting in temporary missions for their visas. It´s the first time in over a year that this has happened. It caught us by surprise!

Elder Garcia made us some traditional Mexican tacos this week. I made the guacamole and he showed me how to make the tortillas as well. We had to buy the corn flour to make the tortillas in the main market in Mendoza because you can´t get it anywhere here. They were very good. Authentic Mexican tacos consist of homemade tortillas, chopped beef (not ground beef), a tomato-based salsa with jalapeno, guacamole, and cilantro... I think I included everything. There is no cheese and they are served with the ingredients lying on the flat tortilla. They aren't served folded. You just pick it up and fold it when you are ready to eat :)

I thought I´d share with you guys something very special from last weekend. I don´t think I have mentioned this before but there is a family in Villa del Parque (the ward that I´m serving in) that has been coming to church for over a year now. They aren't baptized because the parents are waiting on a divorce (which takes a very long time here especially if you don't have any connections) to go through before they are able to get married. They have been together for almost 20 years but he never legally divorced his wife from before. They have 2 children together and they both assist church regularly with them. The youngest child, who is 10 years old, is very involved in primary and actively participates in the classes and in ward activities. He loves going to church and his group of friends he has there. His parents really felt that, although they couldn't get baptized at this time, that he should go ahead and get baptized because it is something that he had been anxiously awaiting. So he was baptized last Saturday in a beautiful baptismal service. He was full of excitement and his parents wouldn't stop smiling the whole night. It was a very uplifting experience. 

This experience was especially meaningful to me because it's a family that I found with Elder Rich when we were in this area a year ago. It's crazy to see the difference the Gospel has made on them. I have had an especially unique opportunity because most missionaries get to serve in an area once and only get to see the effect the Gospel has on a family for a short time period. I have been able to see this family go from sleeping their Sundays away to attending the full three hour block at church each Sunday morning. From having struggles in their marriage and family to growing a deeper love and respect for one another and facing the everyday trials with faith and hope. The mom has especially grown in her testimony as she used to only invite as in to help her husband. She shared her testimony in church last Sunday in the sunday school class about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ helps them in their relationships as a family and she even said, "you have no idea how much I long for Sunday to come so that I can go to church. We used to sleep until 2pm every Sunday since it was our only day to rest now I usually wake up before my alarm because I am so anxious and excited for church." Haha! Her testimony re-fueled my spirit and brought tears to my eyes. They are a special family and if they were the only family I found in my two years then it would all be more than worth it. I really love them and they have a special place in my heart. 

I hope everyone has had a good week!

- Elder Rainock

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