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Saturday, September 27, 2014

"Miracles always happen"

(written July 12)

I apologize that it has been so long since I have written a blog entry. For that I will write a nice little update right now along with some pictures!! 

The transition between the Ávilas and the Goates has been very smooth. It has been a busy time but we haven't experienced many problems. The Ávilas will surely be missed but President and Sister Goates are so easy to love that no one feels an emptiness. I am looking forward to getting into contact with the Ávilas when I return but until then I have found it very easy to fully embrace the presence of the Goates. 

President Goates was a director of a sector of a large company that works on creating unmanned aircraft largely used by the military. He is also a former stake President in Arizona. His experience as a leader in the church and in the business world really show in his ability to make decisions and to follow the Spirit. His open and loving character always fills the room with light.

Sister Goates has served in a wide variety of callings in the church and is a published author. She brings a lot of life to our meetings and, of course, is emotional and cries a lot (not out of sadness but when she hears something that touches her). Elder Quadros and I get a kick out of it but love her for being so sweet. 

They arrived two weeks ago from today. On that saturday we (the Ávilas, Sister Ashby, Elder Quadros and I) picked them up from the airport in Mendoza and took them to the mission home where they were shown around and acquainted. The following day we attended church in what is now their home ward with them and the Ávilas. It was awesome because they all spoke!! I was grateful to have been there. 

After church we all had a lunch together here in the offices and President Ávila showed President Goates around and they had a short little meeting together. On purpose, they are instructed to have very little time together and are given a list of certain important points to cover. Those points are mostly administrative things such as keys and codes for doors, information about the vehicles, etc... As far as the missionaries in the mission and how the missionary work was done there isn´t much said. It is so the new mission president has a fresh start and all the missionaries as well. The new mission president is to rely on and guide the work purely on his own inspiration and guidance from the Spirit. It has been pretty clear to us that are close to President Goates that he is inspired and we are seeing lots of great things already. 

The first week consisted of a leadership council in which President and sister Goates got to meet all of the leaders in the mission. They spoke on various things they learned in the MTC and President Goates gave instruction and set his vision for the mission. Following the leadership council we started a tour of the mission which we just finished yesterday. 

The first week we stayed in Mendoza so that they could get settled in and be close to home but this last week we traveled to San Juan, San Rafael, and then to San Luis... man that was tiring. I am pretty wiped today and I am looking forward to a nap. 

In the tour President and Sister Goates shared information about themselves and their lives. It was an introduction to get to know them so that the missionaries could find out who they are and relate to them a little better. I got to hear the presentation over and over again so I know their lives inside and out... haha :) It was a great experience however and in each meeting there was always something new that they added in. President Goates has had some very difficult trials in his life and his testimony of overcoming difficulty and finding strength through the Atonement is powerful and inspiring. I have the greatest respect for him. 

The next three weeks will be even more busy. I believe this saturday I will be able to write an entry but I know for two weeks after that I will not really be having a P-day. President will be doing interviews with all the missionaries for the next three weeks and Elder Quadros and I will be doing exchanges with the zone leaders in the zones we travel to. I am excited to go on exchanges because 1) Miracles always happen and 2) I get to visit my Tupungato and Villa Mercedes!!!! 

I can't write this blog without mentioning the biggest thing that is happening right now in Argentina. The world cup!! And Argentina is heading to the final against Germany!!! I am super excited to be here during this time. I really hope they win so I can say that I was here when they won it all!! The streets are a little crazy here when they win and after the semi-final game it got a little out of control. But what can you do? They live and breathe soccer here and their country is going to the biggest game of them all.. let 'em live a little I guess. Tomorrow, after lunch, all missionaries will be returning to their homes to avoid any conflicts or danger in the streets. It's better to play it safe than sorry. 

I am happy and getting along just fine here. I am learning so much with these experiences I am having here and finding lots of things I need to improve on as well. 

One thing that has really called my attention these past few weeks is the undeniability of inspiration in the organization of the church. It is undeniable to me that this church is the true church on the earth today. The fact that we have leaders that receive revelation from God to guide us means that it is living and will continue to grow in the direction the Lord wants it to go.

 Viva Argentina!! Go Messi!!!

Elder Rainock

This first one was two months ago when I got one of my Christmas packages. The other elder is Elder Egbert my trainer who finished his mission a week later.

The second one is of two twins that re-activated while I was there in Villa Mercedes. I love those guys and it was a great experience seeing that.

The third one is the ward mission leader in Villa Mercedes and his wife. He was an example to me of fulfilling a calling.

The fourth one is Elder Quadros, Elder Egbert, and Elder Wright picking me up in the terminal when I got here to the offices. 

5) Sending my trainer (my father) home in the airport. 

6) Elder Quadros flying on his broomstick

7) Salt fields on our road trip

8, 9, and 10) Pretty views on the road.

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