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Saturday, September 27, 2014

"felt a sense peace and happiness"

(written Aug 30)

This week we recieved two sister missionaries from the MTC because they were advanced in Spanish and didn't need to stay for language purposes in the MTC. Other than that this week was spent going to the area and preparing for leadership council and zone conferences which we have this coming week. Preparing for both leadership council and zone conferences in the same week has been a little hectic but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. 

Thursday night as I was talking on the phone with President Goates about some questions we had in regards to zone conferences I asked if he would be coming to the offices at any point on friday. He mentioned that he wouldn't be but that he would be accompanying some missionaries for the day. That sounded pretty interesting to me because he hadn't had the time until then to go out with the missionaries. I was pretty excited to ask who he would be going out with but before I was able to he asked me, "what do you guys have planned for tomorrow?" .... Doh! We were planning on organizing leadership council and zone conferences in the morning and then going out to the area in the afternoon but he wasn't able to for some plans that he had in the evening. So we decided on reversing our schedule and going out with President Goates to our area in the morning.

He arrived nice and early to do companionship study with us then we left to Villa del Parque in our normal mode of transportation... the bus. It was pretty funny to get on the bus and ride to the area with the mission president. 

We were able to follow the plans we made for the morning pretty well as many people are often home in the mornings. On top of that, we were able to talk to some unplanned contacts which the Lord surely guided us to. I'll share an experience of one of those contacts right now. 

After our lunch appointment we went to the bus stop to head back to the offices. At that point it was the siesta hour so there weren't any people on the streets. Approaching the bus stop we saw a lady seated on the curb waiting for the bus. As we got closer we realized that she was crying. We kind of looked at one another in hesitation wondering what we were going to do. We all knew that we couldn't just leave her there but we didn't know what to do for a few moments. After a few seconds we initiated a conversation with her and found out what her problem was. Her grandfather, who basically raised her, is very sick and it doesn't look like he is going to make it much longer. She felt useless because she doesn't have a job or any way to help him and that's all she wants to do. We were able to help her feel a little better for the moment and get her contact information to go by another day. She looked a little happier and lighter after that. Our conversation was cut short when the bus came but that experience was a testimony to me, on top of all the other experiences of the morning, that the Lord was guiding us. Later that evening as I reflected on that experience it brought some more in-depth thoughts to me as to my calling as a missionary. 

I thought about how us missionaries are called as representatives of Jesus Christ so I thought of Christ taking our position in that situation. After thinking of that I realized that Christ would have never hesitated and I felt a little ashamed that I did so. But realizing that I am not perfect I felt a sense peace and happiness that, in the end, we attempted to do as he would have done - show compassion and invite her to come unto Him. 

Hope everyone is doing well!

- Elder Rainock

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