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Monday, November 18, 2013

" I AM doing what I feel is right"

written Oct 28

The internet cafe closed early last week so I didn´t get time to write a blog. Everything is good down here in Godoy Cruz and the work is plenty. The weather is really nice right now (sometimes a bit on the warm side) and lots of people are out on the streets so ít´s prime for missionary work.
Elder Rich and I are doing really well. There are defnitely some rough days but we just push right through them and we realize that our great moments totally make up for those rough days. As long as we keep our attitudes positive then the lows aren´t really all that low.
This week we had a great investigator come to church. He is an older man, 76 years old, very smart, strong belief in God, and has a mind-blowing knowledge of the Bible. He has had some pretty crazy near death experiences. He has had a stray bullet that someone shot off into the air during one of the holidays come down and get lodged in his head... it was removed and he didn´t suffer at all from it. It was inches away from either killing him or paralyzing him. He has also had throat cancer and now is perfectly fine. He has told us that, "God still has me here for a reason and I don´t know what it is yet." We made sure to take that opportunity to tell him that it´s to receive the restored gospel ;)
When we first started talking to him he would tell us that he admires us for what we do but would then remind us to not get held down by an "institution" when it comes to our belief in God but to follow what our heart tells us to do. That always left me with a good opportunity to bear my testimony that I AM doing what I feel is right. I have prayed and I know through the spirit that this church possesses the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and all of the blessings that come along with that. After a few weeks of our chats he has really started to open up to us and accept what we have to say. He doesn´t deny that we are doing what we feel is right and he says he has felt the spirit many times when we talk to him. He is well known in the Godoy Cruz area as a man of faith. Many people come to him for their problems and priests, pastors, missionaries from all churchs, are always coming to him to try to "convince" him to come to their church because they know he would be a very faithful member. Well, yesterday, he came to our church. He said this was a big step for him and that he wasn´t just doing it for no reason. He told us, "you guys are the first missionaries that have been able to convince me and look where I am now" as he referred to standing in our church. That made me so happy. On top of that he loved the sacrament meeting! He said his favorite part was when the people would share their testimony because he could feel that the people in our church are sincere.. He then said, "you guys should have a sunday where everyone who wants to can get up and shares their testimonies." Little did he know that that is next sunday.. haha :)
Anyways, things are going along nicely here. Hope everyone is doing well back home and my prayers are being sent your way.

Elder Rainock

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