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Monday, November 18, 2013

"Jolly Ranchers and Tootsie Rolls were enjoyed by all"

written Nov 4

Our investigator from last week did not make it to church this week so that was pretty disappointing but we saw lots of good things happen this week. In particular, on of our zone leaders was in this area about a year and a half ago. He came to the area to do exchanges with us and we visited some old investigators of his that were close to baptism but never got baptized. We found a lot of new people that way that already have a good basis in what we teach and were well received into their homes. That was a huge help for us!

This week was Halloween! It isn´t celebrated nearly as much here as in the states but we saw a few kids in costume carrying baskets for candy. They don´t knock on doors or anything here but some people sit outside of their houses waiting for trick-or-treaters to come around and give them candy. I was very excited to see kids out trick-or-treating because I had just received a fresh supply of american candy from mom. I gave it all away within a matter of hours and it was awesome to see how happy the kids were. Parents were asking for some too because they wanted to try the american candy. Jolly Ranchers and Tootsie Rolls were enjoyed by all :)

The mission is going well and I am happy. We have a large quantity of people to visit so that is great. We hardly have a moment where we don´t know what to do even if everything is falling through. Our biggest focus right now is finding who, of the people we know, is ready right now. 

Hope everything is good back home. Love you guys and I am praying for you all.

- Elder Rainock

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