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Monday, July 15, 2013

"A pretty intense story from yesterday"

I don´t have tons to say this week but I do have a pretty intense story from yesterday...

Sacrament meeting had just started (right after I had just been asked to give a talk again) when our district president (leader over a number of local church branches) came and grabbed us and told us to follow him. We followed him walking quickly out of the church building and then we just started sprinting down the street... he told us as we were running that his wife had just called them and they had been in an accident. We ran a few blocks and turned a corner to see an overturned vehicle... the vehicle of a married couple serving a mission here. We ran up and saw them (the married couple) and the district president´s daughter, son-in-law, grandchild, and wife sitting on the side of the road. The missionary couple had picked these members up to take them to church since their car wasn´t working and they got hit going through an intersection. Their vehicle did a half turn and stayed upside down.

They all had bumps and bruises and I´m pretty sure that they all suffered concussions. None of them were in the right state of mind... it was very scary. Just to add to the craziness, this is the same family that lost their child in a tragic accident a few weeks ago... they are going through a very hard time right now. Right now they are all home and trying to recover. They are in everyones´ prayers here.

The missionary work here was good this week and my spanish is coming along but I still haven´t made it over this language wall as far as speaking goes. I´ll have more to write next week but know that I am doing well and time is flying for me. My testimony of the gospel has become a part of who I am; not just something I believe. I´d be lost without the knowledge I have of the Lord and the plan He has for us. The Gospel gives me purpose and I am fulfilling that purpose more than I have in my life ever before.

Love you all,

Elder Rainock

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