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Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Their testimonies are helping them carry on"

Written July 1.
There was a tragic accident in our ward on Monday resulting in the death a baby girl. It has been a very rough week for the family but amazing to see how their testimonies are helping them carry on. The branch has been great in coming together for the family and it has really united them; church this sunday was very special because of that. It was also interesting to see the process here after someone dies in comparison to the states. Everyone gathers together for the whole night and day (without sleeping) and mourns together. I don´t know how I feel about it because it´s so sad but it defintely brings people together and it seemed to help the family carry on when it was all over.
Excuse me for moving on to more upbeat topics so abruptly but I don´t know how to transition from that last paragraph. Some things that happened this week:
1. We made tacos since we both miss Mexican food. It was good but something about them made us both feel like death afterwards.
2. I ate some fresh bread straight out of a clay oven in someones back yard and it was delicious!
3. I was asked to give a talk in church on sunday right before the branch president got up to start the meeting. A little icing on the cake was that he put me as the first speaker... so needless to say I had very little time to prepare but it turned out well.
4. I feel like I´ve hit a wall with the language. Don´t worry, I understand this happens to everyone. I´m not getting down on myself too much. I´m just trying to push through really hard because I know when I get out of this language slump that my ability to speak and understand is going to skyrocket. Get ready for me to exclaim in happiness within the next few weeks.
We have begun working with the some elderly parents of some recent converts and helping prepare them for baptism. They are very excited but the father needs help with an addiction that he has had for over 50 years. It´s been great to see him stepping back from this burden he has been carrying for years and seeing the real him. I´m so greatful for my personal experiences with repentence that give me an opportunity to give a sincere and personal testimony that there is no better feeling than being clean before the Lord. I can empathize with him and it´s helping me know how to help him through the Savior.
Sending prayers to you all! Much love,
Elder Rainock

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