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Monday, July 22, 2013

"An Unstoppable Force"

This week we baptized a child of some less active members. Missionaries have been trying to baptize the boy for a while but we finally broke through. The baptism of this boy was especially satisfying because we got the family coming back to church as well. They have such strong testimonies but just lost sight of coming to church. It was a grand and emotional experience for everyone. 

This week we got some snow! It´s about time because it´s been cold enough for a while now! It´s pretty fun getting out in the snow and working. The people here are awesome. Even if they don´t want to listen to us or talk to us they still appreciate us and admire what we do. They people here see us walking around all day long, keeping positive attitudes, and helping those in need and they just love it. 

We had a training this week with the mission president (President Ávila) on tours that we will be doing of the churches here in our mission. It´s a pretty cool concept. Most people here have grown up passing by the chapel on a daily basis but have never entered it. The building here really stands out and people wonder what it inside but don´t have the courage to walk in on sunday. So we have started "tours" of the church. It is more of a spiritual experience than one of information because we want people to feel of the peace that is so present in the buildings. 

An update on the language... Good news!! I am speaking well and feel good about it again!! It is progressing rapidly and I saw a major upswing this week. My accent is coming along as well but right now it might me a bit Bolivian. I can´t imagine Argentina without Bolivians but apparently this is the only area in the mission like this.. haha. The rest of Argentina has mostly European descent but that´s just weird for me to think about. Right now when I see a white person walking around I assume first that he is a tourist and then I realize that it´s just a normal Argentenian. 

Well that´s my update this week. I am happy and I feel as if my testimony is an unstoppable force right now. I know the Christ lives and guides this church and have never known it with more certainty than I do now. Hope everyone is doing well. 

My prayers and love,

Elder Rainock

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