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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The work is certainly hastening

Written June 24, 2013.
Mission life is awesome right now! It´s so good to be a part of the work right now. The mission is the place to be for young LDS guys and girl right now. We all got super pumped from the missionary work fireside last night where we got to hear from the prophet and his apostles! The work is certainly hastening and it´s a blessing to be considered amongst the many missionaries that are out right now. 
On Thursday we had another Argentenian holiday. Our branch had a "locro" which is kind of a cookout but with a big pot of soup. They just mixed up a big pot of random stuff and it tasted great! I´m not sure what was in it... but I´ve learned that it´s just better not to ask here. We had some investigators at the activity and they enojoyed it. 
I got bit by a dog after knocking on an investigators door this week. It heard us knock and it came running around the corner and bit both of my calves. Only one of them was bleeding, though. But don´t worry about me... they brought me into their house and gave my leg some Bolivian treatment with some mint plant or something.
I have had some great experiences with reading the scriptures this week. I am getting a better idea of the guy I want to be. I have a strong desire to continue the Lord´s work even after my mission. I hope I never lose these feelings that I am having right now. I want to be an influence for good wherever I go in life. 
Elder Egbert and I are having a great time and are keeping our spirits high. Our work defintely had some low points this week but we pulled out of them very quickly with some prayer, faith, and dilligence. 
What a blessing it is that we can communicate directly with our Father in Heaven. He knows our needs and desires perfectly. If we seek His guidance and follow it then we know that what we have done is right. In our prayers at night we can ask for a confirmation that what we have done is right and if not...  we can find out what we need to change. I am going to be a much different person after the mission because of the experiences I´ve had with this. I felt like I was immovable in the Gospel before but now I feel more firmly built upon the Rock of my Redeemer.
Love you all,

Elder Rainock

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