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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"A beautiful experience"

Written August 26.
We had a great baptism this last weekend. What makes it better is that is isn`t just a baptism... it`s a woman who is excited to go with her husband and daughters to the temple in a year to be sealed for time and all eternity. When she told us that she wanted to go to the temple with her family I couldn`t hold back the tears from falling... it hit me very hard that I was really doing it... I was helping someone progress towards making sacred covenants in the temple of the Lord. That has been a very powerful feeling that I have carried with me throughout the week and it has given me an extra pep in my step. 

Her baptism was a beautiful experience for their family and it was so nice to see how happy they were. Her husband recently came back to the church a few months ago and prepared himself to be ready to baptize her. 

It is great being a part of this work.. there is no where else I´d rather be right now. I feel like I have been really blessed lately with a better vision of time. I am realizing more and more that two years is really nothing compared to the time we have on this earth... and then compare the time we have on the earth to eternity... it is making it all go by very quickly and I feel myself trying to pick up the pace so I can take full advantage of this opportunity. I have been sick this week and have spent some nights awake all night with sickness... but when the day comes around I just think of how little time I have on my mission and say to myself, "I have the rest of my life to be sick, right now I got to go." Working with sacrifice definitely brings blessings.

I am happy and I am praying for all of you back home,

Elder Cordell Rainock

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