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Monday, August 12, 2013

"Working hard and having a really good time together"

Just to start off... I will not be writing next monday because we have interviews with the mission president so our P-day was moved to tuesday for next week.

This week I hit my 3 month mark in Argentina and my 6 month mark on my mission!! For some reason the weeks go by so fast but the months go by slow. Every P-day I feel like I just had P-day two days ago... at the same time I feel like I have been here longer than 3 months... it`s a weird feeling. Maybe it`s because I have had such rapid growth here that I can`t imagine learning all that I have in just 3 months.  

I forgot to bring my journal to the ciber so I am having a hard time remembering what happened this week... 

Elder Quadros and I are doing great here. We are working hard and having a really good time together. He and I have a similar sense of humor so it´s easy to stay light hearted even during the rougher hours of the day. He is also really good at speaking Spanish with a "gringo" accent and it is really funny to listen to. 

I am very comfortable with my spanish at the moment but I am still working hard to improve it every day. Also, I am learning a lot from Elder Quadros about teaching... I like his style of teaching so I am trying to take note of what he does as best I can. 

This week I learned some very important things about striving to be more virtuous in zone meeting and I have put them to the test... The difference it makes is unbelievable. I feel the Spirit testifying through me more often and I wouldn`t trade those moments for any unvirtuous thoughts or actions. 

Things are great here but I am having trouble remembering specific events from this week so I`ll be sure to include something cool from this week in my next email. 

Love you all and I am praying for you,

- Elder Rainock

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