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Sunday, August 11, 2013

"Some great things"

Written August 5.

Hey everyone! Elder Quadros and I are doing great. He came in here with a lot of fire and so we are both excited and working hard. We have already seen some great things go down in the last few days. 

In just 5 days my spanish has progressed rapidly. We talk spanish all the time in the streets and in the house so I am forming sentences a lot quicker and not having to translate it in my head first when spoken to. That`s a pretty awesome feeling! It also allows me to listen more intently to our investigators so I can know their needs better. 

Not much time to write today but I thought I`d write a quick story. 

Saturday night Elder Quadros and I were walking to bring some investigators to a tour of the church. We passed a guy that Elder Egbert and I had talked to on the streets about a month ago. I gave him a nod and a smile but kept on walking because we were running late and I wouldn`t have really considered him a stand out when we first talked to him. 

About a minute later a felt very strongly to stop, turn around, and talk to him. I tried to ignore it for a few seconds because we were already running late but I couldn`t resist the feeling. I stopped and told Elder Quadros that we needed to talk to the guy we had just passed. Elder Quadros is awesome and didn`t question it at all. So we turned around and ran him and his wife down. As we ran them down his name and everything came to me.. he was surprised that I remembered... I was too. We planned a tour with them for later on that night. 

It turns out his wife was baptized when she was a 9 or 10 and hasn`t been to church since. Also, he has already read the Book of Mormon and has a testimony of its truthfulness. He agreed to be baptized in a few weeks. 

Anyways, more to come your way next week. Hope all is well!

Elder Rainock

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