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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"It's been quite the experience teaching that family"

Last week I said I would write something from the week before so here
is one thing:
One night we had a zonda (very strong winds that come from the north)
and it was extremely loud. I could not sleep and it kept everyone in
our house awake all night. I have never heard winds so loud in my life
before and it last for hours and hours.. nature is amazing sometimes.

Now for this week:

It snowed last p-day. We ended up going out to a home of a member who
lives in the other branch to play in the snow and eat lunch. We made a
snow man, had a snowball fight, and just relaxed a bit. It was a good

About two months ago a man in our ward came to church who we had never
seen before. It turned out he had been sealed in the temple with his
family when he was 15 and soon after that went inactive in the church.
When he came to church two months ago it was his first time in over 10
years. He had a dream about partaking of the sacrament and woke up the
next morning with a strong desire to go to church and partake of the
sacrament. He has come every sunday since that day and his desire just
kept growing stronger and stronger. Turns out his wife was not a
member and she was actually kind of angry when he went back to church.
We went by their house a couple of weeks ago to see how he was doing
and to get to know his wife a bit better. We ended up gaining her
confidence very quickly and she will be getting baptized on
saturday... she progressed very quickly and she is more converted than
any of the people I have baptized on my mission so far.. it`s been
quite the experience teaching that family and I have felt the Spirit
just pouring out into the room sometimes as testimonies were shared. I
am definitely looking forward to saturday.

I had an interview with President Ávila yesterday and it was amazing.
Very personal and inspired. He is a great example to me and he is one
of the people I strive to be like. Pure, humble, happy, and faithful.
That`s how I would describe him.

Anyways, hope all is well, prayers are being sent home to all of you.
Also, a shout out to anyone in the Mechanicsville ward who is reading
this! What a blessing it is to have 6 missionaries now serving in your
ward. The work is hastening and it is time for everyone to take it to
the next level and start making steps of faith. I will be praying for
all of you and hope to see some major growth in a year and a half.
Also.. don`t forget to feed them. We are poor :)


Elder Rainock

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