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Monday, December 23, 2013

"I am loving this opportunity to travel and grow as a missionary"

written December 9th

Well my first set of exchanges was on Wednesday. It was only for a day because we had to be back for the consejo de liderazgo (I don´t know what that would be called in english, leadership council?) on Thursday. So we went out to an area called Guaymallen which isn´t too far away from the offices. We came back that night, slept in the mission home, had consejo de liderazgo thursday, slept in the mission home again, and left on friday morning for a three day exchange in an area of Mendoza city call Las Heras. 

Both exchanges went really well and I am learning a ton! President Ávila really wants us to focus on getting the missionaries to get the members more invlolved. This happens to be a really good month to do it because of the invitation that Elder Ballard gave everyone in the last conference to kneel down with the missionaries and start praying for opportunities to share the gospel before Christmas. We have been going around to the member familes and reminding them of that message and then putting it into practice. Everyone has responded very well and this is definitely an exciting time of year to be a missionary. 

I am loving this opportunity to travel and grow as a missionary. I already can´t wait to have my own area again to work so I can better put these things in to practice. If you haven´t gotten started with this invitation or you aren´t familiar with the invitation that Elder Ballard gave then here is the talk that he gave it in:

Hope everyone is well and you are in my prayers. May the Lord be in your heart this time of year as we remember the birth of our Savior who made it all possible. 

Elder Rainock

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