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Monday, December 23, 2013

"I woke up in the morning with well over 30 bites... and that was just after night one!"

written December 16th

The traveling life is pretty awesome! I am loving it and the pros definitely outweigh any cons. Let me just start out with one con and then I'll be sure to finish the rest of the entry off on a good note!

I slept on the floor this week and it was worse than I thought. The apartment of the elders that I visited had a little problem with ants... and I didn't know ants could bite!! When I saw the ants crawling around on the floor that I'd be sleeping on it actually didn't really phase me (maybe because I was so tired). Then we turned the lights off to go to sleep and they started crawling on me; that didn't bother me too much and I kind of expected it so I just started swatting at them. As I was falling asleep they started biting and at that point I just gave up and went off into dream land. I woke up in the morning with well over 30 bites... and that was just after night one! I didn't even bother to count after night two. 

Anyways, on to some good stuff. 

I went out with two different sets of missionaries this week. Since we had zone conference this week we had to stay close by so we were just in Mendoza and GuaymallĂ©n again. 

Every time I get together with a pair of missionaries we set some goals of what we want to accomplish in the upcoming days. They are usually things that they are struggling with or want some help on. It is amazing to see the Lord help us in accomplishing are goals. Whether it be finding new people to teach, getting into houses, better planning, etc., we always accomplish what we set out to do and therefore we are betting accomplishing our purposes as missionaries which is to bring others unto Christ. 

This week we contacted a reference that the missionaries had received a while back and everything fell nicely into place. We contacted them in the evening and they couldn't attend to us so we set an appointment for the morning. We went in the morning and the person we had set out to meet was home and let us in. I invited the rest of the family to come in and join us (that is normally where people say they can't because they are busy) but everyone who was home came and sat down with us! They sat, were engaged, were listening intently, and asking questions. Best of all they were doing it as a family which makes it all so much more powerful. We taught about the Restoration and how it could bless them as a family. The father, who wasn't the original person we went to contact, actually ended up being the most engaged. He found he had always asked a similar question as Joseph Smith when it came to which church is true. They are all very excited to begin reading the Book of Mormon as evidence of this restored gospel. It was amazing and I could see a change in them as the lesson progressed.

When we are teaching we are supposed to see people, not as they are, but as they have the potential to be. I could imagine them sitting in church as a family and participating of the Sacrament to renew their baptismal covenants.. those kinds of moments fill me with joy and I can feel them adding another block onto my foundation which is built on Christ. 

Spiritually edifying experiences and a couple weeks full of Christmas festivities and caroling... life couldn't get much better right now. Hope all of you are good back home and I am praying for ya´ll! 


Elder Rainock

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