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Sunday, March 30, 2014

"I completed my year mark this past week"

written February 10th

We had an awesome-busy week here in Villa Mercedes. Big things went down and we are seeing a huge helping-hand from the members here with their involvement in the missionary work. It is making ALL of the difference. 

This week we were introduced to two new guys. A member had invited them to a ping-pong tournament that the elders quorum was hosting in the church. As they were practicing the member casually introduced us to his friends and we started a conversation with them. We asked them how they liked being in the church and one of them explained the building using the words "it is a dream." Those words hit me and made me realize that it really is that for people that have never entered a building like ours before. We set up appointments with both of them to do tours of the church. One on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday. 

Both tours were phenomenal and they both accepted dates to be baptized. The Spirit was thick and as we continued teaching them throughout the week I can honestly say that I had never seen two people so prepared to receive the Gospel. The fact that they are both SO ready just testifies to me the miracles of this work. 

We taught both of them the Plan of Salvation together on thursday and it was powerful and well-understood. It was the most powerful Plan of Salvation lesson I have ever been a part of. One of them said, "I have never seen my purpose so clearly laid out, this makes sense, I know that this is true and I want this for myself." They were simple and powerful words that filled the room with joy. I am finding it very easy to feel God´s love for these guys... they are just so prepared.

They both came to church on sunday and loved it. The teachers of our classes are great and make them feel very welcomed and wanted. Our priesthood lesson was on the Plan of Salvation and our two investigators were answering more questions than the members themselves... haha! Elder Morley and I both felt pretty awesome because we were instruments in helping them gain that knowledge (with The Spirit being the real teacher). 

We also had interviews with President Ávila this week and that was great as always. I love being around that man... he makes everyone around him want to be better.

I completed my year mark this past week. Elder Morley and I made some s´mores using marshamallows that he received in a package (there are no marshmallows here). We made them using the marshmallows, almond hersheys bars, and chocolate chips cookies instead of graham crackers... haha. Since they don´t have graham crackers here either we decided to go all out. 

The pictures are of us making the s´mores over our gas stove and also a picture that Elder Morley and I wanted to send back home to show everyone what we are all about. 

Hope all is well back home,

Elder Rainock

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