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Sunday, March 30, 2014

"My heart was filled"

written March 10th

Sorry for missing last week! It was a holiday here in Argentina and everything was closed down. Only one ciber was open and all of the missionaries in Villa Mercedes were there trying to get on the computer so I signed off early to give some time to them.
Anyways, we had a baptism last weekend!!! One of the guys that we have been working with for a while got married last month and was baptized Friday and confirmed on Sunday. His wife has been bringing him to church as she has been in the process of re-activating. They have already talked to the Bishop and are on a plan to go to the temple in a year. It was a beautiful baptism because it wasn´t just focused on him getting baptized, it was focused on them as a family and how this is their first step in making it to the temple to be sealed. My heart was filled, as was everyones.
I haven´t really shared anything about this man before but here´s a cool experience that he had a couple of weeks ago - When they got married they went off on a honeymoon to the beach. He described to me that it seemed like they had the whole beach to themselves because in each direction he could only see people in the far distance. It was peaceful and serene. As he was swimming in the water he had the thought of baptism come into his mind. He had a strong impression that although he already knew that he wanted to get baptized he needed to pray about it because he had never really honestly done it. He kneeled down on the beach with his wife and prayed. Afterwards they returned to the hotel and as soon as they walked in the door his cell phone rang saying that he had a new text message. He saw the message and it was from us, the missionaries. He said that he took that as the answer to his prayers.
I felt a strong peace as he said that part of the story. I had just been studying that morning about following the guidance of the Spirit. I can honestly say I have never received very strong impressions to do something. I just pray for the guidance of the Spirit and do what I think needs to be done.  I just try to trust in a phrase from Elder Bednar that says to not worry about not receiving impressions of the Spirit. To just work hard and be obedient and the Lord´s work will be done.  That text message confirmed that principle to me because I don´t remember receiving an impression to do it. I just decided to do it and it ended up being sent in the precise moment.
So that is one of the stand-out experiences I have had in the past couple of weeks. Wish I had time to share them all.
One more thing I want to mention. We just started a challenge a few days ago as a mission to read The Book of Mormon in 66 days. The same amount of time it took for Joseph Smith the translate it from the plates. I am loving it so far and this will definitely help my perspective on how marvelous a work it really is.
I love this work, I love the Gospel and seeing it function in peoples´ lives. I know the Our Savior lives and that He guides this church. It is a sure foundation. The one and only sure foundation.

Elder Rainock

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