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Sunday, March 30, 2014

"in Villa Mercedes with my new companion... drum roll... Elder Morley!"

written January 13

This weekend we had another baptism in our ward. It was a child of 9 years old. It was a very satisfying baptism because it helped to get the family back and reunited in the church. They had been inactive for a long time. They came back to church a little over a month ago and the dad made the steps neccessary to be able to baptize his son on saturday. They are very excited to be back in church and the ward has been very happy to have them here. 

Last tuesday I had my first zone meeting and it went really well. There are lots of big changes happening in the mission right now so we had lots of announcements to make. Especially along the terms of missionary safety in the streets.

I also went to Mendoza this week for a training. I had never received the district leader training so I had to go and get that on tuesday and wednesday. That left me only a few days to get to know my area before my companion left for home (Peru) on sunday afternoon. 

It has been a good week and I feel great about the coming transfer here in Villa Mercedes with my new companion... drum roll... Elder Morley! The Elder Morley from my MTC district! We were very good friends back in the MTC and that friendship has lasted as we have seen eachother at various missionary meetings. Now we are companions! He goes home in two transfers (my original return date) so I might be here to send him home as well... good stuff. 

I am very excited for things here. I am staying nice and toasty down here in Argentina while, from what I heard, you guys are getting frozen up there in the states!! 

I´ll be praying for your saftey in your travels as you guys are commuting icy roads and what not. 


Elder Rainock

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