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Sunday, March 30, 2014

"she was feeling a 'great peace' that she had never felt before"

written February 3rd

Sorry for no update last week. Elder Morley and I had to make the 6 hour trip to Mendoza for our zone leader meeting we had on tuesday. Since we are so far away we have to leave the day before and it takes away half of our p-day.
I have a good chunk of time now so I will try to write something worth reading.
Elder Morley and I are loving it hear in Villa Mercedes. It is an awesome ward and the members are helping us a ton! There is an excitement in the air like some big stuff is about to go down... and it is.  Our ward mission leader and us four missionaries in the ward were planning an activity to train the members on how to fulfill their responsibilities as member-missionaries. After some conversation Elder Morley and I decided to take it to the next level. Of course we want success in our ward but as zone leaders we want to have success as a zone. We pulled a few strings, the stake caught wind of the activity, and it will now be a stake activity! We are very excited. The activity will include some clips from "the work of salvation" broadcast we had back in june(?), some practices for the members, and of course refreshments. Big stuff.
As a zone we are focusing on doing lots of church tours. In our zone we have some the of prettiest buildings I have seen here in Argentina so we want to take advantage of that. Elder Morley and I have seen some big miracles with that the past couple weeks. I will relate to you one right now.
We were eating lunch with a family on Thursday and, as always, when the meal was finished we shared a scripture and asked if they knew anyone who could benefit from the message that we share. The father mentioned a family that he is currently doing work for. He committed to inviting them to a church tour on saturday. We called him up Friday night and, sure enough, we were good to go on saturday.
The family showed up late saturday evening and we started the tour. In the lobby we showed the paintings of Christ and mentioned that everything we teach is built around Him and His teachings. The simple words and basic doctrine made way for the Spirit to come in strong. It was pure and thick and accompanied us the whole way. We showed them the sacrament room and explained the basic doctrine associated with that weekly practice. We then went to the baptismal room to show them the font. We explained to them the principle of baptism, what it means, why Christ was baptized, the importance of having the authority (using the painting of Christ being baptized by John the Baptist), and shared that we have that authority today. Elder Morley and I shared our testimonies as well as the member who was with us... all very powerful and to the point.
The mother shared with us that she was feeling a "great peace" that she had never felt before. We then finished the tour by watching the 20 minute Restoration video (on the projector screen) and she then said she was "left without words"... Quite an amazing experience and the best church tour we have ever had. There was something very special about that family and we are excited to continue working with them.
More experiences to come in the following weeks. Everything is doing well here in Villa Mercedes. We are just living the dream out here. Best buds doing the best thing we could be doing. Praying for you all!
- Elder Rainock

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