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Sunday, March 30, 2014

"it´s basically a sauna in our room"

written January 20th

Elder Morley and I are just killing it out here in Villa Mercedes! It is a choice area and we are great friends so it´s going to make for a very successful time together. I feel like I am on the mission with my best friend which is kind of a weird feeling but I don´t feel guilty because we are still working hard. We knew that we were going to be friends after the mission but the fact that we are companions now just seals the deal. We have lots of good laughs during the day that keep us going in the heat.

This week has been a HOT one! The worst part is that we are without a fan in our house and our windows don´t open in our bedroom for some fresh night air... it´s basically a sauna in our room. I have been laying in a pool of sweat for the last 4 or 5 nights. Don´t worry, though. All is well here. I understand that not everything is going to work out perfectly here on the mission. 

Yesterday, Elder Morley and I talked to a really cool man that let us into his home. His nose is in pretty bad shape after getting hit across the face with something (it was a word I couldn´t understand) a few years back and they have never been able to repair it fully. Even after 4 surgeries! He looks like he has spent a good portion of his life in rougher things but he has a pretty good act together right now. We taught him the restoration and it was a really cool experience. It´s been a while since I have taught that lesson to someone so open and it is amazing to see the ideas of a living prophet and the restored church of Christ upon the earth once again floating around in peoples' heads. It´s like a light clicks and you can see an excitement building up inside of them. It was a great lesson and I am learning a lot from Elder Morley´s teaching experience. He is a great teacher and I feel lucky to be with him in the prime of his mission. 

Things are wonderful here. Pray for some cold air for me and I´ll pray for some warm air for you guys :)

- Elder Rainock

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