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Thursday, June 5, 2014

"got a call on saturday night from President Ávila that I would be his last assistant"

written May 19th

This is going to be a quick update because today is no longer my P-day. I got a call on saturday night from President Ávila that I would be his last assistant and that I would be helping to bring in the new mission president when he comes at the end of June. I am here in the offices now with my new companion (and old companion) Elder Quadros! We are companions for the second time! I am also companions for the second time with Elder Egbert (my trainer in the mission) but it´s only for a few days since he will be going home tomorrow. I am going to miss him a lot. 

This last weekend our awesome investigator, the lawyer-to-be, was baptized and confirmed. He was super happy and is already talking about stopping his studies temporarily to serve a mission! Just the thought of that fills me with joy. I will miss him but I am not worried about him at all. He has a good head on his shoulders and I know he will continue doing the right thing. When he heard that I would be leaving his said, "How are you going to leave me now? You got me involved with this and now are leaving?" just in joking of course. 

This week will be pretty busy as there is a group of 12 missionaries leaving and 12 new missionaries coming. We have some trainings to give and stuff like that. It will be hard getting used to being here in the offices and not in a normal area. I get anxious when I am not out and working with the people. 

Hope everyone is doing well! Here are some pictures from my last day in Villa Mercedes, arriving at the terminal, and with my new comp Elder Quadros. 

- Elder Rainock

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