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Thursday, June 5, 2014

"I know He lives because it was necessary to complete his atonement"

written April 21st

This week we had interviews with President Ávila. This was his last run of interviews with all the missionaries in the mission before he goes home at the end of June. It was sad thinking that this was my last one-on-one time with him because he is such a great man and leader. He does nothing but build-up those around him. 

Elder Braz and I had a great week. We were able to enter into a lot of homes and teach many lessons as well as find many new people. The problem now will be finding sufficient time to teach them all! :) Haha. It´s not a bad problem to have so I am not complaining. It will just take some more critical planning. 

I was able to enjoy Easter sunday and learn more about the culture here in Argentina. This past week was called the "semana santa" or "holy week". Being a country and government based on the Catholic church it is something that is respected country wide. The only meat they eat is fish and each day is dedicated to some event that happened near Christ´s death and resurrection. 

There are traditions that aren´t related to the Catholic church as well such as hollow chocolate eggs with little candies inside of them. I have attached the picture of me holding one. I had quite a few of these this week as members and random people would give them to us. 

I have attached some pictures from friday morning as well when Elder Braz and I did service. We sanded down some rusty metal shutters (I have my tetanus shot) that the sister missionaries will be painting this week. 

I am doing great down here in Villa Mercedes. I love the ward here. My testimony is growing and my appreciation for a living Christ is growing even stronger. A living Christ who guides His church in these days. I know He lives because it was necessary to complete his atonement. And I know His atonement is complete because I have felt his healing grace carry me to knew heights of faith and I have felt his forgiveness make me whole. 

Hope you all are doing well. 

Elder Rainock

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