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Thursday, June 5, 2014

"the work was still going forward"

written May 12th

So here´s my little update on the stomach condition. After a few trips to the hospital and a specialist we were able to find that there was no actual obstruction that should be keeping me from going to the bathroom. I did, however, have a ton of food just sitting there in my stomach. The cause is a lack of my intestines doing their funciton to move the food along. They were basically dormant but are now picking up a little bit after two weeks. I had some tests done last week and will be returning to Mendoza on wednesday to get the results from the specialist. There are a few possibilities but it is more than likely something called irritable bowel syndrome. We´ll see though.

I was very happy to return to Villa Mercedes after a week of being in Mendoza. Elder Braz was here the whole week with Elder Gibbons (my old companion) working in the area to keep the work moving along. That was a big relief to me to know that the work was still going forward. 

This next weekend will be the baptism of the guy we started teaching a few weeks ago who is studying to be a lawyer. He has progressed very rapidly came to church for the 3rd time yesterday and stayed for all the meetings. He is excited for his baptism and for having received the restored gospel. Elder Braz and I have a good time with him and have grown to love him as a brother. He is only 21 years old so it´d be awesome if he made the decision to go on a mission. We will see :) 

Apart from him we are working with 4 families. It´s a big deal for us to be teaching 4 families at once. To have 4 families that let us in their homes and listen to us is a big blessing. However, the challenge is even greater because the adversary will be working even harder to prevent their progression since the family is the basic unit of the gospel. 

I love it here in Villa Mercedes and I will be sad to leave it in a week and a half when I´ll be heading (still don´t know where) to a new area. 

Hope all is well back home! 


Elder Rainock

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