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Thursday, June 5, 2014

"I had to go Bear Grylls on myself last night"

written April 28th

This week was very interesting. I´ll start by talking about an awesome new investigator we have and then finish with the... interesting part. 

On thursday night we got a call from a recently returned missionary in our ward and he asked us to come to his house because he had a friend there that wanted to talk with us. We were kind of far away so we hopped in a taxi and we were there in no time. 

When we got to the house we got to know him and learned that he had interest in talking to the missionaries before but never got the opportunity before his friend (the member) left on his mission. He is a 21 year old guy and is studying to be a lawyer. He has a good head on his shoulders and is open to listening to anyone. We taught the lesson of the restoration and he accepted the invitation to be baptized without hesitation. He even asked, "is it normal that someone accepts that invitation so quickly without hesitation?" Haha. Thank goodness my companion is a convert of only 4 years and was able to share his testimony that he felt that way as well. It was a powerful lesson. 

Yesterday he showed up for church with his friend and stayed for all the meetings. He felt comfortable and is looking forward to his baptism in the month of May. 

Well.. that was our big miracle of the week. This next part of the email is not for the tender-hearted. 

As of last night it had been 8 days since I had passed a normal stool. I had some major blockage and stomach pains. My stomach was rock hard (not because of my abs but from being so full) and I was not able to find relief in any of the over-the-counter drugs in the pharmacy or from the prescriptions the doctor in the hospital gave me. Last night in a moment of despair I had to make a decision.. and I made it. And learned a lesson on humility while at it. 

I went and bought a self-applicated enema. You might have seen Bear Grylls do it before... I remember watching that episode and being grateful that I´d never be stranded on a raft so I wouldn´t have to give myself an enema. But no.. I had to go Bear Grylls on myself last night. I´m still not sure if it was a memory of a life-time or if I am scarred for life. Either way it is what it is. I feel a little bit better now. Today I will be going to Mendoza for leadership council anyways so I will be able to work out everything else with the mission nurse. 

Hope everyone is happy and healthy back home!
- Elder Rainock

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