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Thursday, June 5, 2014

"talking with lots of people in the street and setting appointments"

written April 14th

My first week with Elder Braz was great. He is exactly what I thought - a hard-worker. We have been talking with lots of people in the street and setting appointments to meet with them in their homes. 

On thursday we hopped on a bus to go out to a huge neighborhood that is in our area. It is a neighborhood with over a thousand homes. Sitting in front of us on the bus was a young teenage couple that kept turning around and looking at us. It was kind of awkward and we thought they were just being teenagers and mocking us because they would look at us and then turn around and giggle. When we got off the bus we went around to visit some people and on our way to an appointment we saw them again in a park. They were giving us strange looks and laughing a bit. It actually isn´t anything out of the ordinary so I didn´t think twice about it. 

Later on that evening right before it was time to get on the bus and head back home we decided to talk to a man that was standing outside of his home. He mentioned that he had received missionaries in his home 5 years ago and would be willing to do it again. He wasn´t able to get baptized before because him and his spouse were not married. They got married 3 years ago so now that isn´t a problem.

Anyways, as we were talking to him I saw that teenage couple in my peripheral and thought, "What are the chances that we have run into them again? We are over 20 blocks away from where we saw them last in a gigantic neighborhood with thousands of homes." They passed us, said hello, and walked into the home. I couldn´t believe it... I asked the man, "Are you related to those two?" and he told us that the girl was his daughter. 

He invited us in and we had a great lesson on the Restoration with the whole family there. They are excited to have the missionaries in their home again and we have planned another appointment with them for this week. Oh, and it turns out that they were giggling and looking at us because the girl had mentioned that the missionaries had came by before to their home and the boyfriend was trying to get her to talk to us; she was just nervous to start the conversation. 

Well, that was a cool thing that happened this week. Elder Braz and I are doing well. We had a great testimony meeting in church yesterday and I am feeling good. It is starting to get pretty cold here but I prefer the cold over the heat. I like bundling up and wearing the heavy clothing. 

Hope all is well, I am sending prayers to you all in the US of A :) 

- Elder Rainock

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