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Thursday, June 5, 2014

"we have a responsibility to build up His kingdom"

written April 7th

So, to start off, just a quick bit of news. The area presidency has asked us that we tell our families to not send any more packages. The ones that make it are few and far between so sending them may be futile. For example, some of you guys sent packages for me back in november and the beginning of december and I have only received one. 

I went to Mendoza for leaderhsip council on monday and got back around 1 am wednesday morning. So we only had wednesday, thursday, and friday to work before conference on saturday and sunday. We got a good amount done for the time that we were given. 

Conference was spectacular. Like last year, I was able to watch all the sessions in english. I wish I could go through and tell you what I got out of each talk but I will keep it to what is important for both you and I right now.. the talks pertaining to missionary work. 

Elder Ballard gave a little follow-up on his last two talks that have to do with sharing the Gospel. I thought it was great and confirmed to me the importance of verification. Make sure to "follow-up" with those you share the gospel with not just leave a hollow invitation. You will be surprised where it gets you. And don´t forget to share your testimony whenever you get the chance. He mentioned that bearing testimony on a consistent basis cleanses us.

If you missed the priesthood session or if you are a woman and didn´t go to the session I recommend you look up Elder Uchtdorf´s talk on not "sleeping through the Restoration." That talk really hit home with me. I know that Christ will come again to reign on the earth and I know that this is the Lord´s kingdom on the earth but I have never really gone into deep thought about our responsibilities as members to build up His kingdom for when He does come again. I don´t know if that sentence made much sense but what I am trying to get at is we have a responsibility to build up His kingdom because this will be the kingdom, or in other words The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that He will take over when He comes in great glory to reign. 

Anwyays, not much time left but I hope that all had a good weekend. Whether you are a member of the church or not I hope you take some time to go to and and expand your knowledge on gospel matters and watch some conference talks while you are at it.

Elder Gibbons is leaving to be a traveling assistant for his last transfer in the mission (like Elder Morley). I learned a lot from Elder Gibbons this transfer. We got along really well and I learned how to be a better teacher from him. 

I was hoping for a latino companion in order to better my spanish-speaking skills since I have yet had a latino comp that speaks spanish as his first language. Well... part of my wish came true. I will be getting another Brazilian comp named Elder Braz on wednesday. The chances are very slim of even getting one Brazilian comp since there are only 5 in the mission but somehow I´ve managed to pull off a double brazilero whammy. I don´t know much about him but I know he is a working machine so I am excited. 

Hope all is well!

- Elder Rainock

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